Tuesday, January 12, 1982


In English I told Hirst about my interview at Watermouth. She asked me what I'd read of American Literature: I was embarrassingly unable to answer. Truth is, I’ve read virtually nothing other than some Kerouac, Arthur Miller, John Steinbeck, and a little bit of Thoreau…. She gave me three books by Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Stephen Crane.

The History test went OK.

In English, I asked Mr. Giles for tips for my interview. He was good, seemed interested, and promised to make me up a reading list but suddenly, as he was talking, I realised I'd made a mistake in applying for an American Studies course with a History orientation; I should be focusing on literature! For the rest of the day I was plagued by nagging doubts. . . .

After school, before I went to Art, I messed about with Claire; we were being sarcastic with one another and she insisted on colouring the sole of my shoe, so I laid full-length on the floor with my foot in her lap. . . .

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