Saturday, March 20, 1982

The little road

I was up at twelve. A happy mood prevailed all morning and at two thirty, Mum and Dad ran me into Lockley and I walked from there into Easterby, pausing to watch the Free The Whincliffe 9 protest march straggle down Dyson Street. The air was full of powerful shouts. I don’t know enough about the case to judge either way.

In Easterby I looked round a few shoe shops, eventually buying some pale suedes for £9.99. I also bought Mum a box of chocolates for Mother’s Day, watched the footie results in a TV shop window, and got home at teatime.

I was surprised to learn from Mum that I’ve known Grant for over twelve years, since September 1969. I’ve known Lee since September ’73.

The enjoyable, light hearted mood continued into the evening. Me and mum watched Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali (with music by Ravi Shankar), which was good throughout. Mum talked about teaching Asian kids, and I said I wanted to visit her school.

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