Wednesday, April 14, 1982

Ordinary mind

I’ve kept this journal up for nearly two years now and it's developing into some sort of epic tale of an ordinary life, epic in size if not in scope. This is the main reason behind my keeping it going for so long and one of my reasons for starting in the first place; time passes so quickly and everything is forgotten and gone, and here we are, millions of people with our thoughts, our activities important only to us, just ordinary minds and a mundane existence but it's all important. This all goes unrecorded and is forgotten unless captured in the instant it happens.

School-wise, the tasks facing me makes me feel numb and desperate. I feel so frustrated and unwilling.

Andrew came back from Robert’s at two and Dad got home at teatime. He’s been on a riot-control course in Alverhouse and proudly told us of the new police ‘short shield’ methods: “Instead of creeping about on the defensive we’ll be able to go in and crack skulls.” They watched The War Game too.

Later, I watched the excellent Woman in White and listened to Scream & Dance's “Giacometti” and “In Rhythm.”

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