Monday, April 19, 1982

The round

I woke up feeling scared at the prospect of facing all the comments about me and Wendy and dreading my inept embarrassments, so I delayed going into school as long as possible, waiting until eleven when my lesson began. As I waited in C7 for the bell I was positively quaking in my boots.

Knowing laughs, derisory glances, much chuckling, and even Claire demanded to know, “What’s this about you and Wendy Truswell?” I felt hot and flustered. God! I am so pathetic. How is it as soon as I'm at school again back comes the shit, the foul obnoxiousness, the negativity and despondency?

I left straight after History and walked back with Claire who regaled me with tales of Geography field-trip escapades.

Later, Andrew and I walked into Farnshaw and I went to the library. I enjoyed the walk but hated the sticky uncomfortable heat. He bought some superb greeny-brown checked trousers with turn-ups at Oxfam for only £1.75! I was envious.

I revised briefly and watched La Ronde which was quite funny.

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