Friday, July 16, 1982

Middle mass

My inactivity was punctuated only by Lee calling round at midday. We sat about bored out of our skulls until three when we went to Tesco, via Farnshaw, where I bought some superb psychedelic ties and a pair o’ trousers.

As soon as we got to Tesco I passed Jackie’s friend Samantha on the stairs and for the next three hours I kept catching glimpses of her as she sailed about the shop floor. Mercifully she said nothing and I escaped at 8.20, Dad and Mum waiting in the car park to give me a lift down to Holdsworth Square station in time for the Dearnelow bus.

It was just me and one other passenger all the way.

Dearnelow was full of screaming, laughing, hooting people who milled restlessly in great clumps on their way to various watering holes. I met Rob & Carol in the Peacock. We left the pub’ at eleven and stopped at the fish and chip shop in Saxton to buy some chips on the way home.

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