Monday, July 12, 1982

Soft parade

I met Lee outside Smiths at 10.30; he looked scruffy in a formless blue and white jersey and baggy Chinese work men’s trousers. I'd set out for Easterby with big plans but once there seemed unable to locate them, so we drifted about aimless and disconsolate, filled with an overriding sense of pessimism and narrow future possibilities. Stifled tedium.

We called at Suits Me where I bought an enormous jacket and then at a secondhand book shop  I got The Reader's Encyclopaedia by W.R. Benét for £4. We ended up at HMV where I bought The Doors Soft Parade and a single by Scritti Politti that was folksy and rough and discordant. The Doors LP was a big disappointment. I was glad it had a scratch so I can exchange it. . . .

On the way back Lee and I spent a couple of hours on Castlebrigg playing fields flying a kite he’s treated himself to. It felt somehow satisfying and enjoyable as the nylon string pulled taut and the kite bobbed and swerved in the wind, the fabric rippling and cracking.

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