Saturday, April 16, 1983

Nothing more to say

I was up quite early. Rob and Carol rolled up late morning and at two Rob, Andrew, Dad and I went to see Athletic play Peckford Park.

The ground was noisy and buzzing with anticipation. Peckford had brought quite a few fans and the Shed echoed to the thin screeches of a pack of cub scouts who’d come to the match on an outing. There was a smell of trouble in the air and minutes after kick off a commotion developed towards the dressing room end of the stand. Everyone strained to see and the Athletic youth (some not so young) moved in a great mass down from behind where we were standing, but the police moved in quickly in and soon all was quiet again. It was a strangely featureless and scrappy game. Towards the end Athletic looked pretty good but never threatened and it finished 0-0.

The evening has sped by and now it’s nearly ten p.m. and I’ve still to finish my packing. Here I am on the brink of another term. At times I feel apprehensive, wondering if the coming ten weeks will hold more tears and character weaknesses for me, and at the moment I’m a little sad at the thought of leaving home and family once more.

I have the house to myself right now; everyone is out drinking in Knowlesbeck but I didn’t feel like going. Three months until I see everyone/everything again. I feel reluctant to end this but I’ve nothing more to say. At least I go back having done an essay.

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