Thursday, April 28, 1983

Thumbs up

Much the same. I went out to the New Sounds, New Styles Disco in Rousseau with Barry, Russ, Gareth, Pete, Penny and Lindsey. It was nothing special, a boring band first and then the disco, all of which I watched from the sidelines, waiting for the promised playing of a track by The Fall.

I exchanged a few words with a few people but on the whole conversation was stilted. I got muzzy on cider and scrumpy and as everyone left, Gareth nicked a roll of cling-film and five cigarettes from tall arrogant bastard Phil who no one likes.

Lindsey called me “stupid” for pinching the cling-film (even though it wasn’t me) and as I complained she went up to her room with only a thumbs up in answer to my drunken bleating.

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