Friday, June 17, 1983

Humanities B

My final tutorial with Miriam today means I'm virtually finished with this term’s work.

I was actually going to miss the tutorial and was on my way into Watermouth with Guy when we bumped into Brenda who told us she’d only read sixty pages of Sister Carrie—I’d read three times as much—so after hearing this I reluctantly turned back.

We held the first half of the tutorial sitting in the grass outside Humanities B, but retreated inside when it turned cloudy and cold. Miriam had a go at us for not working hard enough. She said that our group has been the first in her fourteen years at Watermouth who’ve not worked moderately well during their first year.

Alan Draper is disappointed with the standards of students here too and thinks they just don’t compare with those at Euphoria State. Miriam warned us that we’ll get one hell of a shock if we go to America expecting an easy time of it, and if we fail the year abroad academically we will not be readmitted to Watermouth for the final year.

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