Thursday, March 3, 1983

Fuck off then

We had a pretty disappointing evening out in Watermouth last night. We'd intended going to see Steel Pulse; started out at the Broadway Bar and we were just ordering drinks when Shelley strolled in with new haircut and peroxide job. We drank cheap ‘Happy Time’ cocktails. I only had two but Stu had six-or-seven and we gossiped about people, especially Penny’s semi-serious attraction to Stu and her giggly talk thereof. Much amusement as Shelley told us about Graeme asking Penny out.

We finally made it down to the sea front and the The Oasis but all the doors were locked and it was dark: we soon found out that the concert had been canceled, so feeling disappointed we went across the road to an amusement arcade and whiled away some time, much to Shelley’s bored annoyance.

Got back to Wollstonecraft late to more corridor scenes and ‘pranks.’ Gareth and Barry sprayed some random bloke with the fire hose as he walked up to Biko’s. Security was called and we fled to our rooms and hid, stifling laughter. The wronged party soon came looking for us wielding a snooker cue and later we saw him with two friends peering up at us as we hid in my room. Big laughs!

I only managed thirty more pages of Moby Dick and I went to go to bed at 5.30 a.m. just as Stu, Barry and Shelley were about to do some speed. Stu was in a talkative, argumentative mood.

Got up at ten and lazed about until my seminar at two. I was a bit worried because I’d only read a sixth of the novel but I had nothing to worry about, because for most of the two-plus hours, we sat silently as Miriam H. talked and talked. I want to finish Moby Dick and get back on track as far as work is concerned (Cooper, Hawthorne, Poe, readings for my Black Americans Contextual, my own never embarked-on reading lists, etc.).

I’m going to bed early tonight for want of something better to do. But what Rowan said is true; if I don’t bother to make an effort then people will just start saying “fuck off then” and leave me to my fate.

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