Friday, March 4, 1983

The dialectic of sex

I went to bed at 7 last night, woke up again at midnight and read sixty more pages of Moby Dick until very late into the night. It was past midday when I got up. Tried to carry on reading my book but lounged about doing little instead.

Penny and Lindsey don’t want to come on the pub crawls because they are “male-dominated” and “sexist.” We were quite amazed at this, for this had never entered our heads and it spawned a heated discussion: “By saying this they’re the sexist ones” . . . “we invite them because they're our friends” . . . “we want them to come” . . . “by going off and not telling us where or when they’re going, they’re being anti-social” etc., etc. Penny overheard the above and “didn’t think it was very funny.”

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