Thursday, May 5, 1983


Susie and Gareth spent all night deep in conversation: after this, she asked him out for a drink and pushed a note under his door telling him just exactly how she felt. He blushed bright red, refused her offer, and fled to a mate’s up in Whincliffe, leaving her feeling totally miserable. She's been wandering about in silent blank-faced martyrdom, “stricken” as she puts it. Shelley gave her a ‘talking to’ and now she seems OK.

After staying up all night, Shelley, Penny, Katie and I went into Watermouth. Everyone seemed very affected by the hot sunny weather. I bought a record and a new stylus and met back up with them in Attlee Square: they were sitting on a bench laden down with booze and food. I bought a ½ bottle of whisky from Tesco and we retired to The Frigate for opening time and quickly got drunk.

We left for the train while it was still light out. As we sped out of Watermouth we broke open our bottles, and as we couldn’t be bothered getting off the train at the University, we ended up in Langridge. We got caught by a guard on the way back to the Uni and had to pay excess fare.

I can’t remember much of what I did once we got back to campus: I was really really drunk and blundered vacantly homeward across grass and through trees. I remember falling over in the kitchen and ending up in Rowan’s room. She was lying in her bed in almost total darkness.

We had a bleary tête-à-tête about Lindsey and also about Rowan’s night on acid and held hands and wrapped our arms tight around one another. Barry interrupted us by coming in and calling Roy “a wanker.” They started talking about Roy and Lindsey being lovers—I couldn’t take anymore and I had to leave.

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