Friday, May 6, 1983

"You'll look funny when you're fifty"

It’s been a lazy day today, with much lying about in the sun. I lost my wallet during last night’s excesses and was getting ready to deal with all the complicated hassles when I rung up BR and, to my joy, discovered that it’d been handed in.

I had to go into Watermouth this afternoon to pick it up.

Tonight we all went down to the Cellar for the weekly ‘alternative’ disco but Gareth, Graeme and I left pretty quickly and went to the Phoenix to see Nicholas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth (which I’ve seen before), and Performance with Mick Jagger as a mysterious feminine-faced hippy who lives in a cluttered basement with two girls and whose new lodger turns out to be an East End gangland boss on the run. I fell asleep halfway through.

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