Tuesday, March 13, 1984

Blue glass

A coloumn appeared in today’s Herald about the squat and Oculus Bancorp’s quoted response was taciturn and careful. The vast majority of the neighbours appear to be behind us because of their ill-feeling against Oculus and the way in which the company’s buying up all the land round-about with a view to creating acres of car parks.

At first we thought there was a Preservation Order on this place, but there isn’t. The neighbours think Oculus wanted the vicarage to fall down of its own accord, and a vicar apparently tried to buy it a couple of years ago but the company wouldn’t sell. Their HQ sits sinisterly behind us, its windows darkened during the day but blazing with light after dark, and sometimes we can glimpse anonymous, sexless figures moving in the depths of the high tech jungle behind the glass. It’s hard to imagine them as real people with lives beyond their jobs.

I wonder what it’s like behind that dark blue glass?

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