Sunday, March 11, 1984

Six angry men

The French girl Veronique claimed one of the big ground floor rooms and this relegated Ben Beresford to the damp basement. Her presence has added an uneasy air to our otherwise successful mix of people; no one likes her and Ben wants her room. She's also made it clear she's opposed to any form of joint kitty for bills etc. (“I have my own rules”).

Indicative of her attitude to the venture is the way in which, within hours of us moving in, she’d spray-painted the walls of ‘her’ room and written all over them in felt pen (‘MUTO’, and her nickname ‘Eukino’).

The solution seems simple. We arrived at a decision as we lay on our mattresses in the one room, after two hours of fluctuating opinions, six Angry Men (Pete wasn’t here). We've decided to kick her out.

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