Monday, March 12, 1984

Let there be more light

Now there are seven of us instead of eight. Ben went round to Nathalie's flat today to tell her our unanimous decision. She cried and raged and waved coffee she said she’d bought for us all in his face, but he didn’t budge and when he came back tonight we all felt a twinge of uncertainty and doubt.

The electricity was switched on without any fuss at all this morning. The man came, hammered and banged for a bit, and then went away and we had lights. We ran from room to room shouting and shrieking at the success of it all.

Larry, a Watermouth Housing Association employee, turned up on his moped this afternoon and fixed us up with running water from a tap in an outside shed. He also gave us a list of things to buy if we want a toilet fixed up. The gas will cost £90 deposit to have connected, because they know we’re squatters.

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