Monday, February 15, 1982

Maid men

Frost for the first time in weeks. School characterised by unconvincing arguments for anarchy and the usual childishness. No work.

I left with Lee after History, and we got a lift into Easterby from a weary Dad. We went to Smith’s where I bought The Doors for £3.29, and then walked on to Victoria Hall so I could buy my tickets for three nights of the Jazz Festival. We then hit the streets, touring clothes shops, Christian Aid shops, and Oxfams. Lee bought a waistcoat at a charity shop near William Street and I saw several brilliant long, old overcoats: I put a deposit of £1 on a £5 one. I also bought a scarf and a tie.

Lee rang in the evening and came round again at eight to go to a Tesco-organised party at Harvey’s. I felt guilty telling Mum I was going, as I could just imagine the thoughts springing into her mind. . . .

We got there at nine and were the first people there but it never filled up very much. Many people were in fancy dress (Dracula, Santa Claus, Worzel Gummidge, Pirate, etc.). Wendy Truswell was there, wearing a really skimpy Maid Marian outfit, her long, long legs dimly discernible in the gloom. Lee and I watched and talked and drank halves of cider, and Lee danced occasionally and it was quite enjoyable, sitting there being crude about all the school girl outfits and miniskirts on the dance floor.

Lee had to be in at twelve so we just had time to leap about to Pigbag before we left. . . .

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