Thursday, October 14, 1982

As ever

Yet another sleepless conclave in the kitchen last night: my drawings and accent caused hysterical amusement. I felt silly and prone to laughter. Perhaps it was the stuff?

Taking in the smoke fucks my chest up, but tonight I noticed a distinct effect on exhaling, that ‘lightness of chest’ I mentioned before, an intangible but definite sensation that I can’t explain but I think is real.

I am getting on much easier nowadays. I met Neil again today and we had a coffee in his room, I borrowed Naked Lunch etc. Neil said that drugs are a sign of weakness and a prop (it's true) and he says he regards them as he does Mars bars. I bought As Ever: The Collected Correspondence of Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady for £3.85 from the bookstore.

I think I’d better write a few letters.

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