Monday, October 4, 1982


The weather was miserable today, torrential rain all morning and afternoon and I got soaked as I hurried back and forth across campus. In the morning I had two lectures, one from the Vice-Chancellor, the other the Dean, then at one I had my first hot meal in over a day and a half in the refectory; they only sell snacks so I have to wait for my pans etc. to arrive.

In the afternoon was the two-hour rigmarole of registration: endless queues snaking up corridors and back, behind partitions, thousands of pieces of paper, and countless servile blunderings. Two students handed out “Boycott the £10 Health Service Levy” leaflets to the queues; “The Levy is privatizing health care!” they shouted. I  kept quiet and paid the Levy. The girl ahead of me in the queue was from Yorkshire.

Registration done and I headed out again into the grey drizzle while everyone else went off who knows where. Later I wandered out and bought teabags.

I still keep getting pangs of homesickness and have yet to strike up any sort of a relationship with others. I’ve exchanged perhaps a dozen words with another person since I came here. I feel abject loneliness.

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