Sunday, November 14, 1982


Up at noon and we spent most of the afternoon relaxing downstairs round the table, watching Moby Dick on TV and talking to Pete’s Mum. The rest of the house is a continuation of Pete’s room, overflowing with stuff. They have three enormous Afghans, three cats, a hamster, and a goldfish. His Mum's a great talker and she told us about the local community situation in Brixton, unions, etc. She’s a strong-willed and fiercely independent woman, very much her own person I think. For a lot of the time she was down in the basement laying bricks and lugging door frames around. Pete said he respects her a lot.

We left as it was approaching teatime. I was impoverished, having spent £20 in one weekend! We managed to scrape together enough money between us to buy tube tickets and Shelley resorted to writing cheques to buy us all food at a Wimpy near Waterloo, and then our train tickets back to Watermouth.

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