Wednesday, November 3, 1982

Gospel of John

For two hours from 3 a.m. or so, Rowan aired her neuroses in my room. At first I was trembling so much that I could hardly keep still, but I soon calmed down. She, however. was twitchy and odd, and talked ambiguously about Michael (the boyfriend of Yvonne who lives down the corridor), saying she's terrified of him and thinks he's going to murder either her or Yvonne. She asked me if there was anyone I felt uneasy about or even scared of. Only you, I thought, but didn't dare tell her.

Barry’s friend John is down visiting: he says he spent the night with Rowan and tells us the key to winning girls is the one night stand. He claims a 70% success rate: “I tell you, if you play it right, or if I was here, you could be having orgies every night of the week.”

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