Tuesday, November 16, 1982

I buried Paul

Last night Pete and Barry both insisted the rumours that Paul McCartney actually died in a car accident in November 1966 are true. They even showed us the ‘evidence’: photos of McCartney wearing a black carnation, or with flags crossed above his head, and they played parts of Sergeant Pepper backwards to reveal the ghostly “I buried Paul” and “Paul is dead, miss him, miss him.” The ‘Paul McCartney’ of today is in fact a Canadian look-alike named Billy Shearer.

Stu really came out of himself over the weekend. I got glimpses of what felt like the true Stu underneath. He’s witty and laughs more than I ever remember him laughing before: head back, mouth open, square-jawed Tommy-Cooper guffaws. I like him a lot.

A strange atmosphere today. I’ve got loads of work to do but spent it lethargically, wondering what it is I've achieved since I came to Watermouth. I feel guilty about not writing to friends more often (or at all!). I last wrote to Claire five weeks ago this week.

But at least I bought my bus ticket home today, so maybe I’ll get to see her over the weekend.
I hope so.

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