Thursday, November 4, 1982

Time bandit

I quite enjoyed last night’s disco in The Cellar. I only plucked up courage to dance about ten minutes from the end; it was nearly spoiled by a set of moronic rugby players who barged in singing and cheering and standing on chairs taking down their trousers.

The week has flown by, with nothing extraordinary happening to me or to any of us. I’ve been planning all week to see Dr. Palfreyman but only today did I manage to dredge up the motivation to reluctantly drag myself in search of him.

I’m feeling really down, depressed, and generally blue, I don’t know why. I left Westway Loop Bar with Pete, his friend Lisa and another lad, supposedly to go see the film Time Bandits, but I got as far as the queue to get in and turned round and left. I just didn’t feel in any sort of mood to be watching a film, let alone a funny one.

This week has supposedly been my saving-cash week but I’ve still managed to spend over £25.

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