Monday, January 17, 1983


I finished the essay for my Modernism tutorial last night: I didn’t find it too difficult: it's an argument I’ve made time and time again.

We had another interesting time in the tutorial itself, firstly discussing the essay topic and then John Barth, an extract of whose we’d read. Dr. Bonnycastle showed us Barth's novel LETTERS and read us an extract from his story “Glossalalia,” the words fitting the rhythm of the Lord’s Prayer but describing something completely different. Quite interesting. Bonnycastle sent away with instructions to read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Afterwards, Lindsey and I went into Watermouth. I was planning on getting a large 180 x 210 cm piece of canvas for my wall so I can start an enormous wall-painting, but instead all I did was buy The Fall’s Room To Live.

I used to criticise The Fall for their monotony but now I find that enjoyable, although Room To Live isn’t as good as Grotesque or Hex; Gareth said it lacks humour, and is full of intimations of foreboding.

I enjoyed the trip and I think Lindsey did too.

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