Tuesday, January 11, 1983


I worked solidly from ten until one in the library with a book I reserved last night. I’ve been quite conscientious of late.

Patrick and Carl left at teatime. Sunday’s vehemence and hostility wasn’t a true reflection of how we got on, as they were OK and good to be with 99% of the time. It's just when we got into heavy political debates that tempers started to fray. There was another instance yesterday with Marco.

Rowan was irked by Patrick and Carl's continued presence: she said they'd introduced a “sexual element” and were “upsetting the balance.” Yvonne spent quite a bit of time with Patrick, and Susie was with C. continuously from Friday afternoon on too.

The Modernism tutorial points me away from Kerouac: I now see the limits of his method and content. I read a little of Lonesome Traveler on the train down from Easterby and this reaffirmed it. But I still think he's a good author.

I bought three albums for £9: John Coltrane, Archie Shepp and Freddie Hubbard, the last of which I'm not too keen on. I'm listening to Transition by Coltrane at the moment, “new recordings never previously available” (recorded June 10, 1965).

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