Saturday, January 8, 1983

Super real

A few of us visited Empire Lane to watch Watermouth Trinity play Tremelyn Rovers in the fourth round of the Counties Cup. We got there shortly after K.O.; it was a very scrappy game totally lacking in atmosphere. The first half was appalling, but mid-way through the second half Tremelyn scored and from then on looked the better side; the Tremelyn contingent exploded at the goal and continued to bounce up and down until the final whistle.

The rest of the game was full of goal mouth scrapes and exciting end-to-end stuff. I was fascinated by the colours; beneath the floodlights the pitch glowed a vivid chemical green and everything looked super real—the crowd, the hoardings and beyond, a green sunset sky smeared pink by banks of cirrus still lit by a sun long gone beneath the horizon.

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