Saturday, April 14, 1984

Saturday nite tap room

At nine in the morning, I went with Lee and his mum to an antiques flea-market in Royden. I bought an old book on the tactics of chess and a wax seal with the figure of a king holding orb and scepter in relief on one side. Back at Lee’s we played chess (lost twice) and I caught the bus home.

In the evening, I met Lee, Michael Pugh and Jeremy—back from Bristol for the weekend—in Easterby. Our intention was to break into the empty block of buildings near the cenotaph that once held Elmet Baths, but it was far too open. We tried a few other possibilities but the Saturday nite tap room crowd rendered them impractical. We wandered through the drunken hordes looking very suspicious with bags and aimless gait, full of contempt.

We ended up at the Four Pigeons pub.

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