Saturday, April 28, 1984

Various times

Lee and I recently found an empty shop up Ledwell Street, so in the evening he, Gav and I went and took a look.

We had a bad time getting in, crashing through dry twigs and rusty barbed wire and stumbling over walls, but eventually we discovered an open back door. Upstairs, the shop’s living quarters remained in some sort of early ‘70s time warp, each room a dingy nightmare of strewn boxes, suitcases, cheap fur coats and panties, a tawdry pink fan slipped behind a mirror, piles of things flung about in the nasty, dark and seedy little rooms . . ..

I was genuinely afraid of uncovering something decomposed as we poked our way around. We picked up a few pieces of stuff; I got two nice leather cases and a leather dustman’s jerkin. Lee wants to redo the ‘corpse photos’ in the shop with Alex as the corpse, which should be excellent. 

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