Sunday, February 13, 1983

Beyond good and evil

I was supposed to go see Battleship Potemkin and We Are From Kronstadt in Watermouth but I lazed about here instead. A bright sunny day, the snow melting.

People arrived back in dribs and drabs throughout the afternoon, first Shelley, then Barry and Lindsey. . . We went out on the piss in the evening and I spent a tenner, rounding off the evening off with a Chinese take away.

At the end, back in Wollstonecraft, I just felt so pissed off, all around me the world having fun, Rowan laughing and screaming with Katie in her room, everyone else is in Shawn’s room while I slunk back subdued to mine to sit and write this. . . . Maybe I do imagine it all. Am I really so fed up? But this is how I feel and think. . . .

Rowan’s finished reading Ecce Homo and is now reading Beyond Good and Evil. She makes me feel so lazy.

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