Wednesday, February 2, 1983

The game

We were sitting around in Stu’s room when we saw a bloke knocking at Rowan’s door. Later they both emerged, she dressed up to go out, and she seemed to flash us a desperate look, as if to say ‘I don’t want to go!’

She asked us if we’d “be about” when she got back. Hours later she returned alone and dragged me into her room to tell me the full story.

The bloke was from Durham and she'd had a weekend romance with him on her trip to stay with her friend. And then he turned up earlier in the day with a bag packed (towels, toothpaste, Durex etc.) and expected to sleep the night. Rowan and the bloke (Martin) went out into Watermouth but he ‘accidently’ missed the last train back to London. This had infuriated her, so she told him to “fuck off” and now he was sleeping over in Wilberforce Hall. She said she felt very bad about it and I think she expected moral support from me.

The Game at work. I feel desperate at times.

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