Friday, February 18, 1983


It's pointless mentioning today other than the usual pub crawl. I met Gareth, Stu and Barry in the pub: Gareth had a copy of Coltrane’s Crescent I’d asked him to buy, and we did the rounds of several pubs; I got through ten pounds again and did my predictable downing of large amounts of whisky. We got back fairly late and messed about in pissed hilarity.

It's 2 in the morning and Shelley, Penny, and Susie have just got back from the Sex Gang Children concert and now lie in the corridor in a big heap. Gareth, Stu and Shawn have locked themselves in the latter’s room to play Campaign, which is the latest fad. This irks Barry and I, because every time we approach Shawn’s door, he shouts at us for making a noise and claims he's trying to get some sleep.

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