Thursday, June 7, 1984

Entrance hall

I've been worried about all my things piled up unprotected in my old room at the Vicarage, so quite late on Lee and I returned with his bike lock and a hammer, and climbed in through the basement window (the lock on the front door is now at the Grey House). We found Morris snoring off his hangover in Lee’s old room: Lee had locked him in and so he’d had to piss in the corner.

It was pitch black inside, and as we groped for the stairs we bumped into 'Dylan’ who was wandering about, alone in the darkness. Lee nearly hit him with the hammer.

“I thought I had met an early demise” said Dylan, in his odd, precise way.

Lee and I went upstairs and smashed the glass above the door on the first floor landing leading up to my room, wound the bike lock through the gap, and thus sealed off the top floor. We left our friend (“psychedelic Ken,” according to one of Alex’s friends who seems to know of him) standing bewildered and lost in the dark entrance hall outside Ben’s room, his glasses still hanging precariously from his right ear.

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