Monday, June 18, 1984

Invisible man

The sun beats down unremittingly from a heavy, stagnant sky. It’s the beginning of summer.

A tutorial again this morning on Ellison’s Invisible Man. I sat for two hours saying all of a dozen words, staring out of the window at the green of the trees, totally bored. It was only the third tutorial I’ve attended for that course, and I must have missed four or five already this term. I’ve written one essay and I intend writing my extended essay on the Beats.

Gareth, Lee and I have been talking about taking a trip to America in September, hitching from LA to Plotinus to stay with Pete and Guy. We reckon we could do it all for about £500, but now that I’ve agreed to move in to Gareth’s room over the summer I have that rent to pay on top of my other expenses.

It seems I hardly speak properly with Pete or Lee nowadays; they are quite often off together, big friends of late.

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