Monday, June 25, 1984

Verbal masturbation

My Conflict and Consensus tutorial was the usual forlorn tedium.

On The Road and Howl were this week’s topics for for dissection and verbal masturbation, JK especially getting slagged off as pretentious, shallow and sexist. Fair point, but I still think Kerouac an inspiration. For all the ‘intellectual clarity,’ no one began to penetrate the inner heart of the writing, and I left feeling slightly irritated.

I went and got drunk at the newly refurbished Pembroke with Gareth and Stu, the former sun burnt from his weekend at the Glastonbury CND festival. We then went back to their place and we've whiled away the night smoking dope with Jason and Barry and Lindsey. For all my supposed indifference and liberal laissez-faire declarations, I was acutely aware of Jason and Lindsey.

I fully expected them to slink off to bed together. But they didn’t, and L. climbed the stairs alone.

Gareth has gone to bed fairly early too as he’s tired from his eleven-hour journey. I’m sleeping on Stu’s floor.

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