Wednesday, June 6, 1984

Fragile eggshell mind

Ben had a ‘party’ at the Vicarage to celebrate what I heard was an “indefinite extension” Oculus have agreed to (supposedly arranged in London in negotiations with Desmond Ardingly, MP for Watermouth), on the condition that we agree to leave within twenty four hours of notice being given. That changes things slightly; maybe I should stay on for the last three weeks of term at the Vicarage?

Quite a few people turned up to the party, and when I looked in, everyone was sitting in his room talking and smoking; Morris had collapsed in a drunken heap on the threadbare sofa.

Sarah has already arranged for a few homeless wimmin to move in at the weekend. Morris has decided that he’s going to stay in Gav’s room for a while to supervise the haphazard comings and goings: there’s an escaped nut called Tom who believes he’s Jim Morrison and who’s living in Gav’s old room for a couple of days.

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