Friday, June 20, 1980

Friday June 20th

Today I went into Easterby (again!), mainly because I was bored at the prospects of another aimless day. I went with Dad at nine and I intended to visit all my usual ports of call.

We arrived in Easterby at nine forty—the weather was terrible; constant blustery wind which was interspersed with spattering rain. I went to Smith’s (Queensgate) first where I spent a good deal of time just wandering around the ground floor looking at books. After an hour or so of that I went to Praxis but—horror of horrors!—it was closed.

I felt at a loss then, so I went to Pip Henson’s and then to Eastgate Centre Smith’s, where I bought a book called “Know Your Own Personality” by H. J. Eysenck. I don’t know why I bought it; it was an impulse decision really (I couldn’t afford it to be truthful, because Monday is E.A.S. day).

Anyway I bought the book, which promised to enable you to “. . . assess your extraversion, emotional stability, sense of humour, and your sexual, social and political attitudes . . . .”

This was done by answering sets of questions, such as “Do you like to solve ‘brain teasers’?,” and “Do you worry a lot about catching diseases?” The author claimed it to be a scientific theory so I eagerly set about revealing my inner-self. According to that, I’m an introverted Socialist-type who regards himself with low-esteem, is unsociable, self-conscious yet permissive (!) and masculine (!?) . . .

I was doing this most of the evening, inbetween listening to Dad ranting about the weather – it is pretty crummy but has just got to be accepted. I’d like to see Dad do the above!

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