Saturday, June 28, 1980

Saturday June 28th

When I got up at about 1030 Mum was already up. Dad was still in bed so that meant we couldn’t make a sound lest we wake him. It’s really bad when Dad’s on nights – it’s just a case of pacing about waiting for him to get up.

I put the telly on quietly at about twelve to watch Wimbledon. The start was delayed about ten minutes due to rain, but eventually it stopped and I watched McEnroe beat Tom Okker in straight sets. Mum brought me my dinner in on a tray and when Dad got up at one they went out shopping and to pick Nanna P. up.

They came back at three – I was still slumped in front of the box – with N. P. and before I knew it the afternoon had gone. Before tea we (Dad and I) watched speedway and wrestling. We had pork chops for tea and after I had finished I watched Virginia Wade beat a woman whose name I cannot remember (it was like B. Danglesh or something similar). I then went upstairs.

In my bedroom I did my catalogue and played records (Jimi Hendrix, Supertramp . . .). Andrew rang about mid-evening. Mum answered the phone while I hovered around listening.

He hadn’t much news except that the proposed closure of B. A. A. has been delayed and he has a new flat on Corsham Highstreet.

I kept wandering up and down and when I went into the garden one time Dad told me that it had been decided, as from my birthday in ten days, to start giving me £4.00 a week (including $1.00 in the bank). I was quite pleased. He said that I had to be more tidy about the house and more thoughtful – he seemed almost apologetic when he told me this. My spending money has really gone up dramatically these last few months. For ages I just had a quid a week and I’m on three a week now. No doubt my spending will increase accordingly.

I did the pots about eight and then went back upstairs to play “Mike Oldfield – Boxed.” I played “Collaborations” (Sides 1 and 2) and the first side of Ommadawn which is so bloody brilliant it sent shivers down my spine.

I watched the last part of “Living Free” and a theatre awards programme until 1030 when I came up to bed.

I spent today getting keyed up about school – not keyed up in a nervous sense but keyed up with anticipation. I really am looking forward to this.

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