Tuesday, June 24, 1980

Tuesday June 24th

I got up late again and watched television (2nd Test). Unfortunately the cricket was rained off, England getting a draw (undeservedly). I made Dad some tea at noon (he’s on nights this week) and he came down shortly after.

I wasted my time from then until three, when Dad went to pick Mum up from her school. It was thundering and hailing a lot of the afternoon and with Wimbledon and the Test match rained off I did nothing. I know that some time in the future I’ll regret this sheer wasted time – you only live once, and I suppose I should be doing something constructive (like what?).

We had tea at five and I then went upstairs and played records most of the evening. David Kilpatrick rang at around seven to ask me if I could go to the EAS meeting room next Monday because we are having the second leg of the inter-society quiz. The HAS are coming from Harrogate. We went there a few months back and were (narrowly) beaten 113-114.

I had a bath at ten and came down to have supper. I ended up staying down longer than I’d meant because I got interested in a play on Beeb two – “On Giant’s Shoulders” – about Terry Wiles, a thalydamide victim. At the end it made me realise how lucky I am – I’m here glibly waffling on about my time wasting – I should use my capabilities more.

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