Tuesday, June 10, 1980

Tuesday June 10th

I had two exams today Physics and English Literature and the former was an absolute disaster. It was bloody impossible – some of the questions on there I hadn’t a clue about. We had to answer six of eight questions provided. I managed four – just; and I’m not too confident about passing Physics.

First though I had English Literature. It started at nine and went on two-and-a-half-hours to 1130. We had three sections, one each on drama, poetry and short stories, and we had to answer one from each. We were then able to choose one other question from one of the sections. At the time I thought it was fairly hard – the sections on drama (Romeo and Juliet) and poetry especially – but on reflection, compared to that Physics, it was simple.

When the English finished I had a 1½ hour wait till Physics 16+ Paper 2, which began at 1.00. It felt strange back at school again. A large group of us hung around until dinner at 1200 (beans, chips, liquid turnip and revolting sausage-meat fritters), and then went to Physics.

I don’t know whether I thought it was going to be easy or hard, but I soon found out. Jesus! It took me half-an-hour to do two questions (we had 1½ hours), the easiest question being one on conservation of momentum and acceleration. The rest were nigh on impossible – I really started sweating when I saw the questions. I had a horrible helpless feeling come over me as I sat there – I just couldn’t remember the various facts and rules. After that horror I felt really sickened off.

I came home at the normal time, walking back with Craig Bateson – half-mast jeans, shaved head type, he’s alright really – and Dad was in the garden talking to Mr Tillotson. Mr Tillotson has just come home from hospital after having an operation on his bladder; he’s over seventy and has a weak heart and he looked pretty weak although nowadays he always does.

I lounged about most of the afternoon, reading the papers Dad brought and the Echo when it came. Mum came home at about quarter to four – she was upset because she couldn’t take the kids from Marlborough Immigrant Centre where she is a nursery nurse out for a picnic in Castlebrigg Woods. They were going to release some small frogs which have developed from spawn which me and Dad got back in February some time, but it was raining all morning so they couldn’t go.

Mum rang a driving school up at five to book a few trial lessons at £5.00 a time. She’s already got a provisional licence valid from July 1st and I can’t really believe that she is actually taking the plunge. She admits to being terrified and it’ll be interesting to see how she goes on.

About the same time as Mum rang the driving school, a big blue police van drew up opposite Mr. Jackman’s over the road. A policeman got out and started noting things down. Eventually he went to Jackman’s door and then went inside. I think he came about complaints about Jackman’s son, Colin, who works on his motorbike sometimes at two in the morning – I’ve heard him several nights (mornings) this week, revving it up and blasting around on it.

The rest of the evening went like that. I played a Jimi Hendrix L. P. (“Purple Haze,” “Hey Joe” etc) and it was really good as usual, and I messed about with dice and my football league.

At 1030 I watched “International Match of the Day,” a preview into the 1980 European Championships – England’s chances were rated as pretty good although the real danger men are going to be Holland, Italy and W. Germany. It would be good if we could win.

Not a good day today for me. I’m not relishing the thoughts of August and exam results time at all.

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