Friday, June 13, 1980

Thursday June 12th

I got up at around 11 because today was my free day. I had some of that powdered packet soup for dinner – it really is amazing how lumps of meat can be produced just by adding water to a dry, grey powder. It was pretty sickening so I chucked half of it away.

I mucked about again till 4.35 when BBC 1 showed the England v Belgium game live. The result was a 1-1 draw – pretty crummy as far as England were concerned because everyone was confident of an England victory. England scored through Ray Wilkins after 26 minutes and the Belgians equalised three minutes later. When the game finished I felt a bit disappointed – our sensational reentry into World soccer had been dampened somewhat. There was a huge riot among the English fans and tear gas was used to disperse crowds – the game was stopped for 8 minutes near half time because players’ eyes were watering from the gas. It was all a bit pathetic.

At 7.00 p.m. ITV featured the second Group 2 match, Italy v Spain, and the result couldn’t have been better – it was a 0-0 draw. It was by far the best game of the tournament to date, with lots of end-to-end stuff.

I did nothing much in the evening and at around midnight Robert came. He looked really tired and said his friend couldn’t come with him because he was broke. He told us of how recently someone had tried to nick his van from outside a pub by crossing the wires to the ignition. They failed and when Robert switched on the lights his entire wiring burned out. Apparently the garage mechanic said the car would have blown up if he’d kept them on.

He got a letter from a mate of his, Phil Wingert, who is travelling around the world on a bicycle. He read it to us and I felt a real yearning to do something really exciting like that. Currently he is in Perth, W. Australia, working in a bakery. He has decided to save up enough cash to go East and see New Zealand and then, possibly on to America. To just be like that, wandering without a care in the world, must be fantastic. He set off with only £500 and can’t speak any foreign languages, so no special requirements are needed.

Tomorrow I have Maths 3 which will probably be the hardest exam of the lot. After that I only have History and then I’ve done my O levels.

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