Wednesday, June 11, 1980

Wednesday June 11th

At nine o’clock I had my next exam which was Maths. Although it was Paper 1 and 2 – the easy ones – I still felt nervous when I woke up. As it was, I needn’t have worried because I found the papers really easy. Paper 1 was a computerised multiple choice and of the 25 questions there I reckon I answered 20+ correct at least.

Paper 2 consisted of 20 questions which were also easy – In total contrast to yesterday I finished the exam in almost jubilant mood, and everyone said the exam had been the easiest maths ever.

I got soaked walking home for it was throwing it down. It has never stopped all day and everything is dripping wet. It was another slumping about on the floor day until 4.25 when ITV showed the opening game of the 1980 European Soccer Championship between Czechoslovakia – the holders – and West Germany. The game was pathetic and dreary – both sides played really cageily and the only goal came 10 minutes after half time ended, when W Germany’s Rumenigge headed in a cross. The crowd was only about 15 000 and the teams were booed and whistled off at half time because of their dreary play. The second half was better but still a pretty corny game.

Mum and Dad came home at quarter to six, Dad had picked Mum up from Nanna P’s where she goes every Wednesday. We had tea in the front room and later on we watched a film with Sean Connery playing the part of a Moroccan Moslem Arab chief who kidnaps three Americans. The Americans in typical Good Samaritan manner invade etc. . . . I went up and played a few records mid-evening and then finally went down at about 9.30.

There was a Labour Party Political Broadcast on at 10 which was quite interesting. Instead of plugging away at normal points of attack such as unemployment, and uneconomic policies it concentrated on frightening the masses by telling them how Thatcher’s policies are going to lead to an escalation of the arms race and eventual destruction in nuclear war. Mum and Dad rushed out to hide their heads in the sand.

Me and Dad got talking about the Olympics – he’s all in favour of boycotting it. I can see his point but I still believe that sport and politics shouldn’t be mixed.

I watched highlights of the other football match (Holland 1-0 Greece) and then came to bed.

Tomorrow I have no exams and Robert and a mate who's a teacher at his school are coming up from London. I’m looking forward to seeing Robert again.

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