Thursday, May 27, 1982

General studies

My first ‘real’ ‘A’-level, General Studies in two installments. Paper one was from nine to twelve with the hardest sections on maths and languages. I was mostly just guessing and answered a question about communications changes in the last 400 years.

During the hour break I rang Tesco: the Saturday job was gone, and only the three-evenings-a-week position was left, so I arranged to see ‘em tomorrow. Then back for the next three hours of the exam.

I enjoyed answering multiple choice questions and writing the essays on the arts; I wrote one on modern ‘classics,' choosing Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, Lichtenstein’s Wham!, and Kerouac’s On The Road. The other essay addressed whether Hitler was a “great man.”

Mum and Dad were in a good mood and went out for a walk leaving me to watch the Cup Final Replay. Peter and Tim interrupted me and nagged me into going to the Rising Sun. We stopped round at Simon Dyson's before the pub (he was all muscle bound), and spent a crude evening watching the end of the Final in the TV room. Spurs won 1-0. We bought fish & chips on the way home and called back at Simon’s to ogle his £130 Fender bass.

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