Saturday, May 15, 1982


Today was slightly depressing for some reason. The weather is still awful: muggy, uncomfortable, and hot. I got up early but didn’t leave for Easterby until afternoon. Uncle Kenneth brought Nanna P. round before I left and she's been burping non-stop all day.

I wandered around town with £7 in my pocket, browsing at Christian Aid shops, Praxis, a second hand bookshop, and tried on a baggy silvery grey suit (£10.95) at Suits Me. At Praxis I was drawn to a guide to psilocybin (“magic”) mushrooms, which enhance colours and heighten sensory perceptions, but fear of discovery stopped me from buying it. I ended up buying an LP instead; it was a toss up between Ornette Coleman and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. I finally plumped for Coleman's Of Human Feelings and I'll get Free Jazz when I feel more confident.

I got home feeling fed up and bored with everything. My album is OK.

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