Wednesday, May 19, 1982

Looks and smiles

At school today I felt a lot more contented than of late. I deliberately missed History and apart from Slicer’s lesson (lounging lazily in the grass near the bus-turning circle not really responding to Sohrab and Rustum), I spent the day in the workroom talking with Deborah, Steve, and Duncan.

Lee came in mid-morning to bring me my Rip Rig and Panic 12” back and a long sleeved green and brown checked waistcoat I'm buying from him (it's ace). Deborah seemed highly amused at this, saying she didn’t know whether to laugh at or admire us.

I rang Grant in the evening and we had a long enjoyable conversation about the usual: last August (“we should’ve got drunk”), house parties, The Atrocity Exhibition, and his plans to mess about with tape recorders doing a thing Burroughs suggests in The Job. He wants to write more.

Afterwards I watched Ken Loach's Looks and Smiles.

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