Monday, May 17, 1982

War with the newts

I had the first three hours of the Art practical from 9:30 to 12:30 and for once I’d actually prepared properly. I was quite looking forward to painting; I got the colours blocked in with acrylics and had just begun with oils when our time was up. I really got into it and if I work hard it could be really good.

Lee came round afterwards and I played him my Ornette Coleman LP which he quite liked. After much embarrassment and evasion he also confessed to ringing up Jill Davey on Saturday for a date.

Dad brought home two newts, attractive with their orange and black blotched legs and green bodies. "They're specimens of Triturus cristatus carnifex. It's an Italian subspecies of the Great Crested Newt. I bought them so they’ll mate."

He didn’t get the warden job but didn’t seem too upset over it.

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