Friday, August 6, 1982


Andy Wiechec came into Tesco and told me the following:

His Dad got a letter from the KGB threatening him and his family, which he showed me, typewritten in Russian and folded neatly into an unusual hand made tissue envelope, headed with the word “MICROSCOPE” in capital letters. Wiechec senior is involved with a Polish nationalist movement & in 1972 went on a demonstration in London at which he lobbed a brick at the Russian embassy. He was photographed from the windows as he did so, so now apparently Mr. W. is worried sick and doesn’t know what to do. Andy has been sworn to secrecy: even his Mum doesn’t know.

He told me this on the busy shop floor; the mundane surroundings paled into insignificance as I realised that the dramas you read about in newspapers happen everywhere, even right here. I even contemplated asking Andy to give me the letter and let me send it to Scotland Yard. The KGB in Easterby!

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