Saturday, August 28, 1982


I worked another full day at Tesco for Lee and got back to find Rob, Carol, Lynne and their friend arrived fresh from the match (Athletic drew 1-1 with Shurlham).

The house was still a tip from last week, so I desperately tidied up as I expected Mum and Dad at any moment. Rob and co. left for “a drink and a dance” somewhere in Easterby and when Mum finally poked her head around the door I was engrossed in a TV programme about Hendrix.

Mum and Dad sound to have had a superb time and they were bursting with enthusiasm, breathlessly telling me about the Tattoo, the Fringe, a Joan MirĂ³ exhibition (“incomprehensible”), the Royal Mile, etc. They both seemed very fired up by the whole thing. I wish I could have gone.

Dad gave me the US edition of Jack’s Book (“I hope you haven’t got it”).

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