Wednesday, September 22, 1982

Day of action

I got a postcard from Claire who’s in Alicante; suitably inspired, I rewrote my letter to her.

Dad and I got talking about old Easterby once more, so tomorrow Andrew and I will try and find 47 Firth Street, off Lockley Lane, where Helen Vaughan lived in 1883-85. We'll also look for Hutton Square, the frontage of the now extinct Gisborne Inn (another of Vaughan's haunts), and the numerous old nineteenth-century ginnels, flagged passages and stairways which still exist around Felgate Road and St. Cuthbert’s. Dad sounded off bitterly about the “vandals in city planning who raped Easterby in the ‘sixties.” I don't blame him.

He also got angry over the TUC "Day of Action" rally (four thousand have turned up), blasting them as “bloody communists” and even saying Corina has the “face of a criminal” and should have his “throat cut.” It was all said in the heat of the moment and I don’t think he really means it, at least not the throat-cutting bit!

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