Saturday, September 11, 1982


Post bank-visit trauma over impending financial doom from Mum which was awful to behold.

The rest of the day turned out OK; Robert, Carol, Hannah and Dominic rolled up, and while Andrew, Robert and I went to see Athletic, everyone else except Dad went to Knowlesbeck; he went to watch a cricket match amid the usual grumbles about football being a winter game, etc.

The match was entertaining. Ringway were skillful in midfield but toothless in attack, whereas Athletic were the opposite; at times they looked crap, fannying about with square balls in the middle, but Newlands was brilliant in the box. Headers galore. We moved round to the Easterby End at half-time and saw Athletic concede a stupid goal but equalise by way of a fine turn and shot from Hughes. Goal number two was so easy, a header in off the post by Garside. Right at full time Athletic scored again, Wild lofting a free kick high into the back of the Ringway net. 3-1! We went home happy.

In the evening, Andrew, Mum, Dad and I went for a walk up on Keddon Moor; unlike the morning, Mum seemed positively carefree. The sunset sky was spectacular, crossed by dark grey clouds, the hills and valleys towards Royden and Bentsworth shrouded in mist, making them look mysterious and unfamiliar.

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