Saturday, September 25, 1982

Childhood's end

In the early hours I at last shook off my laziness and started to read Vaughan's Harp of the Sky which I know I'll enjoy; it was difficult to keep the names and relationships straight. More disaster to crush Mum: the car gear stick bust this morning.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, even scared, at the prospect of coping on my own at Uni.; it’ll be the first time ever.

Robert & Carol arrived for the match - they'd had a row - and we set off in their car at two. The game was quite tense, Athletic beginning with slick attacking moves that put pressure on the East Standon goal. Newlands finally scored midway through the half. He burst like a bull past a hesitating defender and powered into the box, steadied himself, and then lobbed the goalie; a brilliant goal. He seemed elated and rushed back down the pitch grinning wildly. From then on though East Standon looked good and I was relieved when the final whistle went. 1-0. Easterby are ninth.

In the evening, Robert again waxed enthusiastically about Buddhism and then everyone (even Mum and Dad) went out to the pub. I stayed home: perhaps it's really hitting me for the first time, the sadness of leaving family and childhood finally and forever. It’ll never be the same again.

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